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What is the training program for?

Leadership is all of the features used to reach the team it manages in full harmony and cooperation with the targeted purpose. Today, the content of this general definition has to keep up with factors such as the participation of new generations in the workforce, hybrid working environment, climate changes and environmental effects, pandemic, data-based decision support systems that emerged with digitalization, and ecosystem.

The training program focuses on the characteristics and behavior patterns of leaders in the new business world.

In the new era, leaders need to actively use their emotional intelligence as well as their intelligence level (IQ-Intelligence Quotient). Education is conveyed with an emotionally intelligent leadership perspective. In this way, it will give the opportunity to develop a working approach in harmony with the Z generation.

Who can benefit?

CxO, process, department managers,  manager candidates can participate in the program.

Program (in Turkish)

It is held at the company location or outdoors as a full day (9:00 - 17:00).


  • What is leadership?

  • Know yourself

    • Your Strengths

    • your values

    • Notice your feelings

  • Emotionally Intelligent Leadership

  • Other Leadership Approaches

  • Leadership Traits

  • Characteristics of a Leader in a Digitalizing World

  • Positive Perspective

  • workshop

You can contact us for detailed information and participation in the program. 

Tel: 0541 946 5000


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