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As EDT, it is our natural duty to transfer our expertise and experience to our clients. In addition, we attach importance to increasing the knowledge and sharing of experiences of the sector stakeholders through training and information activities. Because we know that the most important factor in this important transformation process is the elements of human and corporate culture.


As a partner of Trovarit AG, we have been a part of the developments in Germany, the pioneer of the Industry 4.0 movement for 15 years. Thanks to the know-how we have gained in this process and the models and methodologies we have created with our international solution partners, we have a significant accumulation of knowledge in terms of both content and implementation.


This experience and knowledge with training and workshops we create content in the context of transfer to Turkey, companies that want to switch to also offer professional training services Industry 4.0. You can apply to our corporate trainings in order to increase the knowledge of your company's managers and employees in different departments about Industry 4.0 and to manage the processes to be operated in-house.

Scalable content:

Duration : 4-20 hours 

Participants' profile: CxO, Digital Transformation Managers, White-collar, Blue-collar employees 

Locations: Company/plant  office 

Eğitim Programları: Services


Scalable content for companies of different maturity levels


Determining the readiness of the company for the transition to Industry 4.0 applications, providing the necessary theoretical and operational knowledge to prepare the fundamentals of strategy development and development.

  • What is Industry 4.0?

  • Digital Transformation components 

  • Maturity Level dimensions

  1. Resources  

  2. Organizational structure

  3. IT infrastructure 

  4. Culture & Human factors

  • Defining strategy 

  • Methodology


Based on the current situation and strategy of the company, preparing the Industry 4.0 roadmap, providing the necessary actions for steps and priorities.

  • Digital Transformation 

  • Vision of digitization 

  • Digitization parameters 

  • Industry 4.0 adaptation levels 

  • Digitization level (Paperless office, Smart Factory)

  • Data sources  (machine, tools, employee)

  • Identification (Barcode, RFID, IP, Optic, Voice, GPS)

  • Integration of technological tools 

  • Aligning processes & business software 

  • Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence 

  • Big Data (ETL, DW, BI tools)

  • Digital Twin/Prediction 

  • SCADA & Platforms

  • Augmented Reality

  • Action steps


Increasing knowledge about Information Technology (IT) and operational technologies (OT) and Industry 4.0 applications.

  • Information Technology  (IT) infrastructure  

  • Application & Data storage   (On prem, Cloud, Hybrid) 

  • Software solutions & tasks  (ERP, CRM, MES/MOS, APS, ECM,PLM, BI, etc.) 

  • Operational Technologies (OT) infrastructure  

  • Cyber Physical Systems (CPS)


  • IoT, IIoT, IoT Platforms, Analytic, Security  

  • IT/OT integration


Increasing the level of knowledge about operational smart applications that will provide efficiency and competitive advantage in the Industry 4.0 journey, which is tailored to your industry.

  • Smart Design (Crowdsourcing, Micro Factory,3D printing etc.) 

  • Smart Sales (Analytics, CRM, CPQ etc.) 

  • Smart Purchasing (Bidding, EDI etc.) 

  • Smart Inventory Management (Smart Bin, Pick by Voice etc.) 

  • Smart Maintenance (Prediction, Prevention, Augmented Reality etc.) 

  • Smart Manufacturing (Cyber-Physical systems, ML, AI, M2M, H2M, Robotics etc.) 

  • Smart Logistic

  • Smart Service

  • Smart Energy

  • Smart Agriculture 

  • Smart City 

  • Smart Building


Providing the necessary knowledge and skills for transferring current trends about Industry 4.0 and  identifying critical points in shop floor and in the management phase. Creative practice examples and brainstorming.

  • Factory / Facility Tour

  • Determination of bottlenecks

  • Suggestions

  • Expert Reviews

  • Case Study

Olgunluk Seviyesi Belirleme


Muharrem Gezer

  • 25 years, IT experience 

  • 15 years, management position in international companies 

  • Digital Transformation projects in different sectors (Business process analysis, Maturity level analysis, defining strategy & roadmap, project amangement…)

  • Training at universities, institutes and companies specialized in Digital Transformation & Industry 4.0 (Trovarit AG, Aachen RWTH University)

  • Keynote speaker, moderator and panelist at different events

  • Publishing articles in different sectors and platforms

  • Online seminars

  • University guest, regular lecturer


You can have a look at our WEBINAR programs we regularly organize.


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